K4.0 DN15 box update

K4.0 DN15 box update

TECO informs you of the improvements made to the boxes in the K4.0 duplex kit.

The pluses brought to the product are as follows:

  • More versatile box with breakable side walls
  • Valve can be fastened to the box faster and without tools
  • Spirit level included in the box
  • Site protection now with depth template

Codes affected:

Change description:

More spacious box with breakable walls at the top and sides

The Fastec version of the new, more spacious box with breakable walls at the top and sides can accommodate the new Fastec T- and 90° fittings (see the image), so that pipes can enter and exit laterally or vertically. Furthermore, by inserting Fastec T-fittings, branches can be created within the box.

Side opening with easy cutting added

Size comparison

Site protection/depth template

The K4.0 comes with revised site protection that offers minimum and maximum installation depths;

Fixing valves inside the new box

The box features a new push-fit valve fixing system, without tools. Therefore, the two valves are packaged just resting on their seats and not fixed, making it easier to connect them to the system before they are fixed in the box.

Removing valves from the new box

Once pressure-fitted, the valves can still be removed by applying light pressure on both sides with a screwdriver and removing the valve from its seat, after which it can be removed by hand.

Spirit level

The spirit level is built into the front of the box.


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