35 anni, anniversario Teco

SINCE 1987,

TECO is in Franciacorta, in the heart of North Italy, where, with passion and technical expertise, it designs and manufactures innovative shut-off and safety devices for water and gas systems, both domestic and industrial.

TECO designs and manufactures its own ideas. More than 95% of the product range is based on original designs created in house.

The result is over 35 years of promises kept, and satisfied Italian and international customers.

Automated and controlled processes, latest generation machinery, wellorganised and bright environments.

TECO is in Provaglio Iseo, where its administration and central warehouse are located, and Camignone di Passirano, where its mechanical workshop is located, for a total of 7000 m2 of indoor area. From prototyping to packaging, the design validation process passes through the internal laboratory. TECO LAB is the technological core of product development, where a multidisciplinary team of engineers and materials experts at a University level develop ideas that are then tested by simulating the worst possible system conditions.

TECO handles everything in house in an integrated manner, from production checks to 100% testing on the finished product.

Teco Brescia Teco lab


The “company system” is certified according to the ISO 9001-2015 standards and a traceability procedure is put into effect within the company in order to know “the history” of every product in real time.


Small details make a difference.
The company has redefined chased installation by creating a new product category that combines “in the wall” techniques and “outside the wall” aesthetics.

The technique of the chased system is not hidden, but is exalted and made usable by aesthetic accessories in line with the trends of modern bathroom and kitchen environments.

Teco valvole